Each year the International Baccalaureate releases new guidance, expectations and curriculum materials. Here at ManageBac, we proactively plan for these changes, seeking guidance from subject specialists and the IB itself. In this blog, we provide a rundown of the updates and new resources that we have launched over the last 6 weeks to support IB schools across all four programmes.

dp iconIB Diploma

Units 64Unit planning

We’ve made some striking enhancements to our DP unit planner template this summer to better support teachers on engaging with the new IB Standards and Practices.

  1. We’ve integrated the list of strategies from the IB ATL self-reflection tool within the unit planner template to aid in the explicit teaching of ATLs.
    unit planning
  2. We’ve added guidance in the template for TOK Connections to reflect the new TOK course, helping teachers to make TOK connections within disciplinary lessons.
    tok connection
  3. We’ve launched three guidance videos on our DP unit planner, highlighting our standards integration, collaborative tools and template flexibility: 
    1. Customising Unit Planner Templates
    2. Collaborating on DP Units
    3. Configuring Unit Standards
megaphoneComing soon! Engage in PD on-the-go as you plan your units with our built-in planner guidance with links to the IB Standards and Practices.

Extended Essay

Extended Essay can now be enabled as a Subject in Settings, allowing coordinators to create a dedicated class for the Extended Essay and Unit Plans featuring in-built Aims, Objectives and Syllabus notes for the Extended Essay.

We’ve created this editable Google Slides deck for Extended Essay coordinators to use and adapt for introducing new DP1 students to the Extended Essay, with practical guidance for COVID-19 and the Extended Essay.

megaphoneComing soon! We are creating a new Extended Essay Quick Start guide for students offering guidance on the research and writing process, FAQs, and a special section for EE and COVID-19.

tokTheory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge Unit Plans have been updated with the 2022 Aims, Objectives and Syllabus content, featuring more detail from the subject guides than before to guide the planning of this subject.

The Quick Start Guide for TOK has been refreshed with guidance from our resident TOK expert Michael Dunn on the new course, including a section on the TOK Exhibition. 

We’ve created this editable Google Slides deck for TOK coordinators to use and adapt.

megaphoneComing soon! We’ll be launching our new TOK Quick Start guide for students, a refreshed student worksheet, and an extensive 2022 TOK Coordinator guide. 

casCreativity, Activity, Service

We recognise that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the ability of students to engage in CAS through normal avenues of participation. To support CAS coordinators we’re providing the following free resources:

megaphoneComing soon! More ideas for COVID-friendly CAS and CAS in a virtual environment, and an enhanced CAS Quick Start guide for students.

curriculumCurriculum Updates

We are happy to announce that subject updates have been launched for IB Diploma Economics and Music. 

Last week, we hosted Tom Brodie as he discussed the Economics updates. Watch again here!

We’re looking for music teachers to share their experience of transitioning to the new course. If you are interested in sharing, please contact our VP of Professional Development Kelby Zenor.

myp iconIB MYP

We are happy to announce that subject updates have been launched for MYP Language Acquisition and Mathematics. 

Please note that these changes are global for all schools unless schools have made changes to their criteria. In this case, schools will need to manually update in Settings. For more information, check out our guidance from 19th August.

Read these blogs from the IB summarising the changes to Language Acquisition and Mathematics.

We’d love to hear from you about how these subject updates are impacting your teaching and the student learning experience! Contact our VP of Professional Development Kelby Zenor if you are interested in sharing your experiences with the wider IB community.

megaphoneComing soon! Exemplar MYP units as part of our new Global ResourceBank and built-in planner guidance from MYP Building Quality Curriculum.

pyp iconIB PYP

To launch our new Global ResourceBank, we are providing a free baseline Programme of Inquiry in the PYP covering all age-levels.

Picture1 1

megaphoneWatch this space! Exciting developments to our Programme of Inquiry coming this academic year.

cp iconIB CP

CP Coordinators are invited to use and adapt these Google Slide decks tailor-made for CP Coordinators to introduce the CP Core. Click on the links below and make a copy to edit for your own school context.

Don’t forget! We offer Pearson BTEC curriculum support within ManageBac unit plans. Contact your ManageBac representative to find out more.

megaphoneComing soon!

  • Enhanced Quick Start guides to support students in the CP Core.
  • Downloadable RPPF from the CP Reflective Project student worksheet.


In case you missed it, check out our blog on the new IB Standards and Practices!

covid19 icoCOVID-19

During this challenging time, we have maintained close contact with our schools and students, leveraging our expertise in online education to support schools as they have flipped their brick-and-mortar schools into virtual learning environments. View our COVID-19 webpage to access curated support based on our learnings, or our page on Integrated Remote Learning.