Since completing our Curriculum Unification in 2020, we have been working closely with our Pamoja colleagues and Technology & Integration Team to reimagine Gradebooks and to fully streamline the reporting lifecycle. This Gradebook update is the first of two – with the second Reporting lifecycle update to follow in January 2022.

Available for all Curriculum Programmes and all Teachers, we are excited to share our enhanced Task & Term Gradebook.

Improved Gradebook Design
Three Assessment Paths

Within the new Task Gradebook, you will find powerful new features & analytics within a minimalist “look & feel” that reinforces clarity of focus for Teachers.

Improved layout and shortcuts reduce clicks (e.g. ability to show & hide task results directly on the Gradebook vs. having to navigate back into the Task).

First for Speed, you can mark Assessments faster than ever within our Table view with auto-save and embossed student list view. This assessment mode is ideal for short formatives and complete & incomplete (binary) tasks.

Second for Focus & Detail, you can concentrate on marking one assessment task, filtering out all others. This assessment mode is ideal for long-form commentary & summative assessment tasks.

Third for marking up & annotating coursework submissions or AssessPrep Online Exams, you will find our Split-Screen Gradebook is now fully immersive with full-screen mode for maximum clarity.

Assessment Analytics
Built for Quality Assessment Feedback

With smart innovation to improve the teacher experience and quality of assessment feedback:

Browse Term Grade Distribution & Identify At-Risk Students

Built-in Error Checking

Powerful Gradebook Options to customise your Gradebook view in one-click (e.g. to show Interdisciplinary Assessment, show or hide Comments, etc.)

Error Checks to avoid embarrassment with Missing Grades, Comments and Inconsistent Student Names

Minimalist “Look & Feel” with simplified Rubrics & Grade Scales

Mobile Gradebook
Marking Anywhere, Anytime!

Fully optimised for iPad and Mobile to provide a seamless experience. Learn more about our most recent Mobile design update.

Stay tuned for our next Assessment & Reporting update in January 2022, and share your feedback with the Product Team at

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