For schools that used ManageBac’s direct integration with IBIS for IB Diploma exam registration, IB Candidate Session Numbers have been synced with your registered students.

Admins can view the IBIS candidate information for an entire grade level via the Year Group > Plans > Manage IBIS Personal Codes on the right-hand side.

If you wish to share PINs for Students, you can add them in manually or via bulk import. For further details, see our IBIS Registration Getting Started Guide


We would like to learn how to register to IBIS via ManageBac for next exam session

To learn more about IBIS registration via ManageBac, please see our QuickStart guide, and stay tuned for webinars and online workshops on the topic via the ManageBac events page.

Where can Teachers view IBIS Candidate Information in ManageBac?

Teachers will be able to view Candidate Information on a Students individual profile in the Exam Details section, and can navigate to their Plan Worksheet to view subject selections.

Where can Students view their IBIS Candidate Information in ManageBac?

IB Diploma Students are able to view their Candidate Information via their Exams Planner in the left-hand menu. Under IBIS Details on the right-hand side, they will find their IBIS Personal Code, Candidate Session Number, and PIN (if added).

We didn’t register via ManageBac, how can we update the session numbers?

Via Plans > Manage IBIS Personal Codes, manually add or bulk import Candidate Session Numbers, IBIS Personal Codes and PINS (if desired) for your Students to access.

My school doesn’t have a ManageBac Account

We know how time-consuming these manual submission processes can be, and how important it is to get them right. So, for the third year in a row, we’re providing all IB schools with free access to our eCoursework submission tool.

If your school is not currently using ManageBac, you can sign up here for a free ManageBac account for use in the May 2022 Exam Session.

Register for your school’s account today.