The New PYP Next

Redesigned from the ground up for the New PYP!

  • The only learning platform supporting the full IB Continuum and designed with the new Standards & Practices in mind.
  • Collaborative real-time unit planning with integrated Student Portfolio, Assessment and Reporting.
  • Flexible unit template editor and enhanced reflections designed from the ground up for the new PYP.
  • Worksheets for Service Learning and Exhibition allow students to plan, record and reflect upon action as a dynamic outcome of agency.
  • Harmonized into ManageBac’s new User Interface for web & mobile.
  • Broad curriculum support with over 600+ academic standards to support your national curriculum requirements.

Collaborative Real-time Planning

With improved unit flexibility, real-time collaboration and online presence.

Collaborative Curriculum Planning

Collaboratively create, edit and share unit planners across year levels in real-time.


Built-in with transdisciplinary themes, key concepts, ATL skills, and more.

See the Big Picture

Browse whole-school curriculum and analytics to track coverage of concepts and skills.


Embed notes, files, photos, videos and websites with our drag & drop “Stream & Resources”.

Redesigned PYP Unit Planner

With a host of improvements for your Early Years, Standard and Specialist (stand-alone) Planner templates.

Fonts & Icons

more readable with visual cues

Online Presence

to indicate when colleagues are online

Real-Time Editing

to allow for collaborative planning

In-Line Editing

to improve context and ease-of-use


to support meaningful reflection throughout the cycle


to align and link assessment tasks & learning experiences


customizable background headers to reflect your unit

Learning & Teaching

Inside and outside your classroom with Portfolio and Learning Experiences.

  • Portfolio Timeline provides a chronological view of student progression with a showcase.
  • Students and Teachers can easily add from Web or Mobile:
    Goals Reflections Coursework Observations Awards
  • Build connections to:
    Learner Profile ATL Skills Concepts
  • Support your Authorization & Evaluation process with evidence and link directly to the new IB’s Programme Standards & Practices.

Improve school-to-home communication and parent engagement with Advanced Options

  • Share
  • Send
  • Emoji
  • Star
  • Comments


Flexible assessment options directly integrated with Reporting.

Evaluate the:

  • Units of Inquiry
  • Learning Outcomes
  • ATL Skills

Easily assess specialist subjects and include student coursework

Reflect & Connect

Supporting Initial to Final Reflection and Building Connections.

End-to-end Reflections

  • Collaboratively reflect alongside the Planner
  • Reflections include Guidance from PYP: from principles into practice
  • Flexibly customize and map your Reflections & Guidance by Unit Section

Building Connections

  • Easily tag with ATL Skills, Learner Profile and Key Concepts

New IB Programme Standards & Practices

As the delivery partner for the new IB Concierge (replacing IB Docs), we are delighted to provide drag’n’drop evidence submission from ManageBac to make your next authorization & evaluation process smooth.

With the upcoming release of the new Standards & Practices, you will be able to tag Portfolio items, Reflections, Learning Experiences and Assessment Tasks to specific PS&P requirements, making the process of organizing evidence efficient for every teacher.

ManageBac for Mobile

With broad curriculum support for your entire learning community.

Redesigned from the ground up with full functionality:

  • Classroom Management
  • Portfolio
  • Service Learning (CAS, SA)
  • Curriculum Planners
  • Project-based Learning (EE, Personal Project)
  • Gradebook
  • Reporting

Sharing on Airdrop

Easily submit Cousework, post Reflections and update Project journals on the go!

  • Students
  • Teacher & Advisor
  • Admin
  • Parents & Family

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