On Sunday, Jan 25th, we were alerted to out-of-date text on our May Exam Sessions page – this text was written for the May 2020 exam session and had been erroneously cached within Google Search Results.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion that this may have caused and have cross-checked all our Exams Guidance across QuickStart Guides, in-app Guidance, and Help tutorials.

Several Reddit & Twitter threads have implied that May 2021 exams were cancelled – this is false and inaccurate. Please do not rely on Reddit or Twitter for your IB exams guidance.

The May 2021 exams are still planned to proceed, we have no information to suggest any cancellation.

All official information regarding the May 2021 exam session, as well as all other official news surrounding the IB, will always be found on the IBO.org website.

We will continue to communicate exam updates for IB Diploma and Career-related programme students through the ManageBac Blog, here are additional FAQs and resources, which you can save & bookmark:

May 2021 Exam Session information
Latest news about IB Exam sessions can be found via the IB’s website: https://www.ibo.org/news/news-about-the-ib/

How is ManageBac assisting schools for the May 2021 Exam session?
ManageBac has been offered free of charge to schools who require assistance with their IB eCoursework submissions, since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in early 2020. We have continued our commitment to the IB community, to provide a platform that assists students and coordinators with coursework collation and submission throughout the May 2020, November 2020 and now once more for the May 2021 exam sessions.

Coordinators looking for assistance with their IB eCoursework submission can read further on Using ManageBac to streamline organisation and upload of IB assessments.

How does ManageBac support IB eCoursework processes?
For current ManageBac schools, please refer to the following guidance to lead you through the eCoursework upload process via ManageBac, contact our support team, or join one of our webinars.