As IB Coordinators begin to collate and upload eCoursework for the May 2021 exam session, this blog provides an overview of how ManageBac streamlines the preparation, organisation and submission of assessments and IB forms.

We are excited to announce that ManageBac is extending its invitation from May 2020 to all IB DP and CP schools globally to use ManageBac for eCoursework submission for the May 2021 exam session free of charge. Our support & data teams are available to provision accounts and swiftly populate user information so you can get started right away, via filling out the ManageBac School Account expedited request form.

In the last 12 months, we have deployed the following features to support coordinators:

  • Drag’n’drop upload of IB assessments and forms from ManageBac to eCoursework
  • Enhanced Student Portfolios, with eCoursework tagging and a central eCoursework repository with document previews
  • Automatic population of the ManageBac eCoursework repository with pre-filled IB forms including the EE/RPPF, TOK/PPD and TOK/PPF
  • Built-in eCoursework guidance
  • Pulling through of Candidate and Cohort submission statuses from the IB system into ManageBac
  • Direct links for Coordinators and Students to access eCoursework
  • Increased international bandwidth and connectivity for schools in China, with dedicated lines in order to support higher load during peak submission times

With these new features, the eCoursework submission process is cleaner and more directly integrated with ManageBac than it has ever been. 

For current ManageBac schools, please refer to the following guidance to lead you through the eCoursework upload process via ManageBac, contact our support team, or join one of our webinars.

For more support responding to the challenges of COVID-19, join us for one of our many upcoming collaborative events including ongoing online PLCs for TOK and CAS, and our EdTech Conference in March. Visit our Resource Library to access guides and on-demand webinars, including:

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