ManageBac has undergone a transformation over the past year, culminating in an array of updates – including our All New Design across Mobile DeviceWeb and Mobile, refreshed Home Menu Icon@4X 8Home Menu, and a range of much-anticipated new features and functionalities.

To mark this milestone, we are introducing a brand new ManageBac logo – reflecting our beginnings, our present and our future.

Familiar base colours of dark grey and light blue, on a silver base tile, reflect our solid service and proven reliability over the past fifteen years; while the fresh and modern design reflects our commitment to innovation, and our ambitions for the future.

Over the coming days, you will start to see our new logo appearing throughout all ManageBac channels, and before too long you’ll also be able to select your preferred logo colour, as part of our wider commitment to greater personalisation and customisation in ManageBac.

Mb Logo Gallery

  • 45.ThemesThemes & Background: also you can choose from a range of preset backgrounds, which provide a stunning backdrop and reflect your school’s branding.
    Theme Bg Ss
  • 54.Faria BlueDark Mode: so your students can work better in low-light settings.

Dark Mode Ss

As always, we welcome your queries and feedback; please reach out to our Product team to share your thoughts at

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