Our new Passport solution offers the opportunity to streamline and enhance your approach to DP Assessment by combining our DP Exam Question Bank and best-in-class Study & Revision and Online Assessment environments in one efficient and integrated package.

DP teachers in Passport schools can now:

  1. Draw on an ever-growing bank of DP Exam Questions
  2. Use these DP Exam Questions in interactive, online assessments
  3. Use these DP Exam Questions for ongoing study and revision

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DP Exam Question Bank

Underpinning Passport is a powerful new DP Exam Question Bank – spanning IB DP Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the new Mathematics courses, with 1,500+ exam questions to be featured by the end of this year. Developed by Pamoja, this collection of syllabus-aligned exam questions and solutions will continuously expand to offer even more practice opportunities and value for schools, term-on-term and year-on-year.

Plus, to ensure that schools have fresh content for summative assessments, the DP Exam Question Bank will also contain exclusive assessment content that is not available for study and revision – it will be only available through our Online Assessment environment, for teachers to use. In this way, we ensure a 360° approach to DP Assessment for all our Passport schools.

Interactive, Online Assessments

Access & Edit DP Exam Questions

Once your school is subscribed to Passport, teachers gain access to a Library of complete DP exam papers. Simply search and filter by Grade and Subject to find the perfect DP-aligned assessment. You can then customise the assessment by duplicating the paper, then adding, editing and deleting each question to suit your students’ needs.

Plus, you can also use the DP Exam Question Bank to add individual questions to a test – whether you are creating a new assessment from scratch or customising an existing paper.

Each exam question is tagged by Topic and Subtopic, Syllabus Level (Higher Level / Standard Level), and difficulty rating – allowing you to easily search and filter through the DP Exam Question Bank to find the perfect question for your class.

Seamlessly Deliver Online Assessments

Thanks to the seamless integration between Passport’s component systems, teachers can easily create and assign online assessments within ManageBac Tasks. Meanwhile students can log into our Online Assessment environment via their ManageBac accounts to take the exams.

And, because each assessment is different, you can choose your preferred delivery mode – enabling chat, adding extra time, and selecting from a range of security levels to create the perfect conditions for every exam. This is particularly helpful for schools wanting to manage the delivery of authentic practice exams.

Record & Analyse Results in the ManageBac Gradebook

All Online Assessment grades are auto-synced back into the ManageBac Gradebook – where teachers can benefit from quick and easy auto-marking, or use an immersive Split-Screen view to annotate and review students’ work.

Crucially, this Sync also allows teachers to closely monitor students’ progress via in-built Gradebook analytics tools – functionality that becomes especially important for DP exam preparation and practice.

Ongoing Study & Revision Support

As well as using the DP Exam Question Bank to devise and deliver effective online assessments, teachers and students in Passport schools are also able to make use of a range of exam questions for ongoing study and revision throughout both years of the IB Diploma Programme.

By explaining every step of the solutions, our Study & Revision environment goes beyond just giving the right answer – it also explains the nuts and bolts of each exam question with clear syllabus references.

In addition to delivering new exam content, our Study & Revision environment also offers flashcards, revision guides and theory videos mapped to the syllabus – allowing students to consolidate their knowledge and skills in the way that best suits them, whether in class, on the go, or at home.

We will also be introducing a brand new Teacher Dashboard in the coming months, unlocking even more valuable analytics and with plans to continue expanding the subject coverage, the benefits of your subscription are growing all the time.

Looking to Enhance Your Support for DP Assessment?
Passport streamlines and enhances your school’s DP exam preparation by combining our best-in-class learning, revision and assessment tools in one simple, integrated package. Arrange a no-obligation, free trial for your school.