This year, we have launched a host of improvements available for teachers and students to kick off the new year. You can read more about those updates here.

During this difficult period, our team has been working to support all schools globally through the IB eCoursework service, which has been used by all IB & CP schools in light of the cancellation of May 2020 examinations, and to further enhance the Mobile and Remote Learning features available on ManageBac. Please find below our key product updates released in 2020.

April May 2020 IB eCoursework Submission

Following the IB’s announcement that May 2020 Examinations will no longer be held, schools can seamlessly submit their Internal Assessment coursework and forms to the IB eCoursework system via ManageBac.

March New and Improved MYP on ManageBac

We have redesigned the MYP curriculum planning features to align to our curriculum-first foundation with real-time collaborative planners, moving from step-by-step wizard to an in-line editing process, enhanced curriculum analytics, improved PDF unit plan exports & much more.

April ManageBac Mobile for Android

Following our Beta release in January 2020, we are delighted to broadly release ManageBac Mobile for Android (tablet & phone) on Google Play together with a host of general Mobile updates with menu improvements (iOS+Android) and our Scan Coursework feature (iOS) to allow for easy submission of handwritten coursework.

April Enhanced Student Portfolios

Available for all programmes including a new Bulk Add feature to allow Teachers to quickly add resources into multiple student portfolios, goal setting with report card integration, and coursework timeline with ability to comment, star & link connections.

April Color Themes & New Look

Brand your ManageBac color themes to match your school colours and choose from our pre-built themes.

April COVID-19 & Remote Learning

As schools in many countries around the world are experiencing closures due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are many questions that parents, school leaders and teachers ask. We have made improvements for schools to utilize ManageBac as the hub for all the communication and learning activities during the COVID-19 epidemic.

April Academic Standards & Curriculum Updates

Together with Atlas & ManageBac, we are delighted to now provide over 607 sets of academic & accreditation standards and benchmarks to our schools comprising the world’s largest indexed collection of over 1.5 million fully-licensed academic standards.

Admissions & Diagnostic Testing with OpenApply and IDAT 

OpenApply was excited to announce its new partnership and integration with IDAT, the only admissions test created for international students! The comprehensive IDAT test draws from multiple international curricula to assess students in four key areas: English and ESL, Mathematics, Global Knowledge, and Character. Via OpenApply applicants can register for the IDAT test, and view the results, directly within the application checklist. This provides a seamless experience for parents as they move through your application process.

SchoolsBuddy Spring Update 

This spring, more than ever, busy school admin teams have needed to make lots of changes to bookings and payments due to school closures and activity cancellations. We have just added a highly appreciated quick charge and mass adjustment feature to make multiple changes fast! Our parent wallet also means that the need for refunds are reduced as the parent account can be credited for use against future payments when schools reopen.

Responding to the unique situation of COVID-19, we have also added a Zoom link URL into our online Parent Teacher Conference module, to make remote parent-teacher meetings possible.

Coming soon: Our dedicated Transport System will be launched offering dynamic bus lists with mobile attendance registers, absentee alerts and more.

Webinars & Blogs for Continued Professional Learning 

We have a full line up of webinars to support distance professional learning. To see all the upcoming webinars please go here. All webinars are recorded, so registering ensures you will receive a recording even if you are unable to attend. In order to support the ongoing work in schools, we have blogs and articles on a variety of topics.