Since February 2020, the global community of IB World Schools have faced complex & rapid changes with the onset of exam cancellations, the transition to remote learning, and generalised disruption of learning plans.

ManageBac and the broader Faria teams have risen to every challenge to deliver innovation swiftly for the IB community:

  • Our Exam Systems Team successfully delivered the IB Concierge platform (now with new Programme Standards & Practices) and rapidly scaled eCoursework submission by a factor of 5x to support the May 2020 exam session for every IB DP & CP student universally.
  • Pamoja and Oxford Study Courses joined the Faria family in June 2020 with seamless integration on ManageBac and the launch of the OSC Study App providing all-in-one revision for the IB DP.
  • ManageBac delivered first-to-market features including Mobile Coursework Scanner and Presentation Mode, and a host of enhancements across Search, Timetables, Messages & Notifications and more!
  • Together with our sister services Atlas, OpenApply and SchoolsBuddy have now become FariaOne School OS providing both IB World Schools and the broader community of international schools with a comprehensive, best of breed operating system.

Here’s a recap of our key ManageBac product updates:

Built In Mobile Scanner Build In Mobile Scanner Blog 1 Mobile Coursework Scanner: snap, crop & upload coursework from the ManageBac Mobile App (First LMS Innovation)
Mar 4366 Blog Assessment Tasks With Differentiation Assessment Task Differentiation: better personalise assessment tasks to meet the needs of every learner.

Global Search Global Search 01 02 Global Search: easier than ever to find anything across ManageBac, including our new IB DP Topic search options.
Mar 3819 Blog Attandence Enhancements Mb V.3 Enhanced Weekly Timetables & Attendance: addressing your most complex scheduling requirements with remote learning in mind.

Mar 3887 Blog Weekly Digests For Messages Notifications Mb V1 Weekly Digests & Notifications: at-a-glance class digests to improve student organisation & planning.
Mar 3246 05 Pamoja Online Courses: seamless registration of Pamoja online courses via the IB DP Plan worksheet.

Mar 4043 Blog Osc Studynova Smartprep Press Release Blog Header Osc Osc Study App Is Now Live Banner OSC Study App: combining over 8,000 flashcards, 3,000 videos and 24 revision guides for the IB Diploma.
Mar 4777 Blog Managebac 2021 Evolution Mb Services Manager: easily explore and instantly trial ManageBac modules, Faria services, and partner integrations.

Summer and Back-to-School Preview

Fifteen years since our founding, the best is yet to come, and we are excited to share our evolution with you in supporting every step of your IB journey! Here is a sneak peek at what is coming for 2021 balancing our IB DP focus in 2020 for the whole IB Continuum: 

Asset 25@2X 8New Dashboard & Calendar on Mobile: redesigned Mobile Dashboard & Calendar for ManageBac users on the go with improved one-click access to assessments, activities, classes and more!
Asset 24@2X 8Enhanced Quick Add & Redesigned Class: add units, lessons, tasks and resources from anywhere with a redesigned at-a-glance class overview.

Asset 23@2X 8Early Years Portfolio & Reflections: with an improved child-friendly interface and new reflection options with video & photo (editor, filter & stickers).
Asset 22@2X 8Global ResourceBank & Subject Pages: building on the Pamoja Lesson Suite with powerful syllabus topic search and all-in-one subject pages (reference assessment, exam calendar & guides + global & in-school resourcebank).

Asset 20@2X 8Interdisciplinary Assessment: extending on Phases support in MYP Language B to allow for interdisciplinary task assessment across the IB Continuum, Cambridge and universally.
Asset 19@2X 8Seamless AssessPrep Integration: directly create AssessPrep eAssessments & online exams within ManageBac classes, one-click access for students, and auto-sync of point exam scores back into your ManageBac gradebook with Turnitin integration.

Asset 21@2X 8Developer Portal: powerful API endpoints with guides & docs in one integration suite encompassing ManageBac, OpenApply, SchoolsBuddy & AssessPrep under FariaOne School OS together with new Google Class & Microsoft School Sync integrations.

2021 has just begun, so do not be surprised if we have more offerings in store! For now, stay safe and healthy!