Explore our 2022 Year in Review for a full recap of our top ManageBac releases.

Throughout the past year, our Team worked to apply your insights & feedback together with the community of ManageBac schools and our Pamoja colleagues to improve your Teaching & Learning experience.

With the new Home Menu, completion of All New Design across Web & Mobile, enhancing the Pamoja latest product blog, introduction of KeyChat blog post, and Passport blog for the IB Diploma.

As we look forward to 2023, we are excited to share some of the key themes we are working on to make your ManageBac experience even better:

Student & Family Experience

Building on our Home Menu updates, with fast & easy login with magic links provide easy setup & one-click access for younger users. New student-centered Home layouts for Early Years & Primary provide a kid-friendly experience showcasing portfolio updates and student teacher communications.

Unified Family Experience

Provide families with a single gateway portal with one-click access to Admissions on OpenApply (update demographic details, manage re-enrolment, pay invoices & more) and School-to-Home on SchoolsBuddy (activities, bus & transport, book PTCs). With a harmonised Parent interface & home menu layout across all Faria services, you can ensure a seamless experience across your whole-school.

Multi-Curricula Reports Builder

Our flagship release for 2023 and building on our Assessment & Gradebook improvements , flexible WYSIWYG Reports Template Builder provides whole-school support for all major curriculum programmes including . Enhanced customization across assessment options & rubrics, ATL skills, student portfolio, behavior & discipline, service & project-based learning, attendance, exams & more. With one-click Online access for parents, optimized for web & mobile, and print-friendly PDF export options that will save paper & toner.

Pamoja Online Courses

With support for over 24+ IB Diploma online courses to provide expanded subject choice within your IB Diploma programme. Explore the redesigned student online learning experience informed by the new Student Council. A host of improvements for Site-based Coordinators including the built-in Pamoja Home with SBC Dashboard & Analytics together with bulk registration & Coordinator advisory tools. Explore our Blended Learning PD courses and join the SBC Ambassador programme.

Passport for IB Diploma

Passport supports all aspects of teaching. learning and assessment in your school – dramatically enhancing your delivery of the IB Diploma Programme.

  • Save time with pre-built, customisable DP units, lessons & resources
  • Deliver more exam practice and preparation than ever before, with official IB exams and fully worked solutions
  • Support colleagues with personalised protessional development

Ongoing Improvements from 2022

Improving the Academic Year Rollover experience for Admins & Tech Directors to make your Transitioning Years smoother than ever. Together with refined Settings with All New Design. (Continued in 2023)

ManageBac Certification and Community Index

We are excited to unveil two key Community initiatives in 2023, our full ManageBac Certification programme and Community Index. Our Certification programme offers a rich array of courses which provide professional development opportunities. This three-part programme is a cornerstone of our vision of developing ManageBac Community Ambassadors, fostering community-led solutions and partnerships. To showcase these community and thought leaders, we are launching our Community Index – an interactive directory featuring many of the most experienced and engaged members of our global network. It’s one place to find all the professionals who share our passion and mission, and help to bring it to life. (Continued in 2023)

Schools Technology PLC

For our Tech Directors, we are continuing to improve our APIs and API tooling, as well as provide guides and training materials in Schools Technology Help Centre to enable innovative solutions. Feel free to join our thriving community, where we host the Tech Professional Learning Community to stay ahead of the curve. Our PLC is a great place to provide feedback or learn more about our planned rostering services with Clever, PowerSchool, and Google Classroom. (Continued in 2023)

Stay tuned for key feature updates and bookmark our ManageBac Blog to stay on top of all our new updates. With your feature requests and insight, ManageBac gets better every day and share any feedback with our Product team at product@managebac.com.