During 2022, our Team worked to apply your insights & feedback together with the community of ManageBac schools and our Pamoja colleagues to improve your Teaching & Learning experience.

With the All New Design across Web & Mobile, supporting Pamoja on ManageBac, and integrating your teaching & learning journey with AssessPrep, Oxford Study Courses, Study & Presentation Mode and much more!

All IB DP Teachers know the refrain “I have 3 other Deadlines due this week?” With our new Student modals, Teachers now finally have real-time visibility at-a-glance with Homeroom Attendance & Excusals, a Workload Indicator showing the number of summative tasks across classes, and their current class & room location according to timetables. (Shipped Jan 2022)

Our new Home Menu will complete our All New Design metamorphosis for Students, Parents & Teachers. With a ‘Less is More’ approach and one-click navigation, the new Home Menu will provide greater personalisation and ease of use for all users. We will continue our efforts towards simplicity and reinforcing clarity of focus. (Shipped March 2022)

Improving Student & Parent Teacher Communication has been a longstanding request, we are delighted to be introducing KeyChat across Classes, Year Groups and Groups. With one-click, Students can directly message Teachers with text or audio messages (a la WhatsApp and vice-versa for Teachers & Parents). Built with safety in mind, we have implemented Chat in a way unlike any other with Child Safeguarding. (Shipped Spring 2022)

Across CAS, Project-based Learning, Portfolios & Messages, our new Multimedia Editor Blog Post provides a smooth Maker experience. Drag’n’drop and expanded media options with built-in drawing & photo editing. Boost your students with built-in Learner Profile, ATL Skills Badges and Emojis. (Shipped August 2022)

With our new Passport features, you have everything you need for IB DP & CP, all in one place! With a full pre-built IB DP curriculum building on Pamoja’s 12-years of innovation in online learning, OSC Study’s all-in-one revision including flash cards, video tutorials, revision guides and IB past exam papers across 10 subjects, and AssessPrep for your online assessments & mock exams. You will have everything you need to support your IB DP programme. (Shipped March 2022 with 3 subsequent updates)

Our new eCoursework Dashboards in May 2022 will help to further streamline your submissions experience. With full IA coverage across all Subject groups, you can directly fill in required moderation & comments directly alongside Predicted Grades. ManageBac always has your back with built-in IA forms along with pre-filled student name, school code, candidate session numbers and more! (Shipped May 2022)

In addition to key features, we released improvements to Discussions, Assessment & Gradebook enhancements, Clever SSO integration, Subject Pages, Curriculum Updates for the DP & MYP, Pamoja SBC Blog Post & more.

Stay tuned for key feature updates and bookmark our ManageBac Blog to stay on top of all our new updates. With your feature requests and insight, ManageBac gets better every day and share any feedback with our Product team at product@managebac.com.